Yellow cedar, (Cupressus nootkatensis) is one of the most beautiful of America’s durable softwoods It has a fine texture and straight grain, and its nearly yellow colour silvers exquisitely upon exposure. Alaskan yellow cedar tree grows at about 100 to 120 feet tall (30 to 37 meters) with average tree trunk of 4 to 6 feet in diameter (1.2 to 1.8 meters). Its natural extractives make it a decay-resistant wood that is aromatic when cut. Due to its various natural characteristics, yellow cedar is widely used for shingles, poles, marine pilings, oars and paddles, decorative panelling, mouldings, and cabinet work. The structural grades of this species are also commonly used for exterior applications such as bridges, decking, stairs, and landscaping.


  • Exceptional working properties
  • Perfect wood for carving
  • Turns, planes and shapes well
  • Good glueing properties
  • Good nail and screw holding ability
  • Takes good finish


  • Marine and commercial landscape
  • exterior cladding, decking, doors, etc.
  • furniture, mouldings and cabinetwork
  • shingles and shakes for roofing and siding
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