When it comes to furniture, every customer deserves a product as unique as their imagination

The Company

In the realm of furniture, we believe each customer deserves a creation as distinctive as their imagination. At Wootique, this philosophy resonates, etched not in stone, but in the very grain of wood.

Greetings from Wootique! Step into our world where furniture is more than just pieces—it’s art crafted exclusively for you. Vintage, modern, rustic—your style, our expertise. Together, we’ll create spaces that captivate.


Customization easy on the eye, and your wallet, too.

We tailor-make furniture, customized to your desires, ensuring you have an
edge over others. Whether it’s hand carved vintage, solid contemporary, or oversized rustic furniture, we do it all. Creating rare masterpieces are our forte – they add that extra elegance and charm to your space because they look oh-so-pine.

Why Us

Broadening Creative Horizons

Broadening creative horizons

Dive into a world of endless inspiration with our ever-growing catalog, where design possibilities know no bounds. Whether you're embarking on a fresh start or giving your space a makeover, count on us to fuel your creative journey.
What Makes Our Designs Stand Out

What makes our designs stand out

Every personality is as unique as the furniture they desire! At Wootique, we're passionate about exclusivity. When you order a custom piece, it's truly one-of-a-kind. No inventory here—just pure individuality!

You imagine it, we make it happen!

At Wootique, we're committed to bringing exceptional design within reach without breaking the bank. Your space is a reflection of your personality, and we're here to help you express yourself with pieces as unique as you are. Say goodbye to generic décor—welcome pieces that narrate your story, perfectly tailored to you.
Furniture? More Like Funiture!

Furniture? More like FUNiture!

We are closely associated with architects and interior designers pan India, so it’s safe to say that we’re experts at customizing furniture for domestic as well as international projects.
Umehani RangwalaJitesh GoradiaKaran Mehta


Being architects and designers, finding vendors who blend functionality with aesthetics is paramount. Wootique excels in this realm. Their prompt service, coupled with innovative collaboration, has made them indispensable to our design process. Working with them is an absolute delight, and we eagerly anticipate creating countless more masterpieces together.
Umehani Rangwala HH Architects
In our quest for vendors blending functionality with aesthetic flair, Wootique stands out. Their seamless execution and integral involvement in our design process elevate each project. With anticipation, we anticipate creating more stunning pieces together.
Jitesh Goradia Customer
Working alongside the wonderful team at Wootique has been an absolute pleasure! Their exceptional after-sales service truly sets them apart. Additionally, he's purchased the yin yang table, and although its picture isn't available yet, you'll find it in the drive and presentation soon.
Karan Mehta Customer

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Alkesh Parekh

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Dhruv Parekh

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