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Buy Live Edge Furniture Online: You’ve probably been hearing of wooden furniture as a concept ever since you were little, but have you come across the concept of ‘live edge’ furniture? It’s been around since decades, probably ever since man began designing, but live edge furniture has found new meaning only recently, as traditional-met-modern and custom solutions came to the forefront.

From live edge tables, live edge wooden benches, to live edge chairs, anything and everything is possible to create, because the concept involves using wood, where at least one side of the wood is left untouched or natural and the other side is worked upon, to give it that crafted feel, while still keeping the natural element intact. Live edge furniture is also considered to be more environment friendly because wood is used in its raw form, and all of it is usually used to make the best use of nature’s abundance. Moreover, being made from a felled tree or reclaimed trees is what makes live edge wooden furniture special, because they are truly made by nature, for nature.

Some might find that live edge products are on the steeper side of the price spectrum, and this might seem odd considering that it’s kept raw and real without any additional work. However, live edge product pricing is based on how the top is designed. In case of larger products, the entire slab needs to be part of a huge tree, which isn’t just tall, but straight as well to cut a flat plank out of it. Trees of this size and strength are sometimes hard to find, hence making the live edge piece expensive, depending upon the rarity of the tree.

At Wootique, constantly aspire to create unique furniture pieces, especially pure wood pieces that tell a story. Moving away from monotony, we love using natural wood pieces that are put together to make the finest pieces, and live edge wood lets us do exactly that. When a tree is cut into slabs, the outer edges have a natural edge which is often cut off to make it straight-edged, clearly showing that the wood has been worked upon. We in fact, prefer keeping this natural edge or ‘live edge’ as it is, because we believe it adds plenty of character to furniture or Live Edge Furniture.

These live edge slabs are used at Wootique to craft furniture just as you desire. Be it a live edge bed, a live edge console, a live edge cabinet, a live edge tv unit, absolutely anything you want, and if there’s something that isn’t on our list, don’t worry, we’ll craft that as well!

Live edge slabs look great as larger furniture, but smaller decor pieces also add plenty of aesthetic appeal when created the live edge way.

Why Live Edge Furniture?

Unlike others, Solid Wood Furniture is the most environment friendly raw material formed naturally from the elements of Mother Earth, and being easily renewable too. Of course, many worry that trees are being hacked and forests depleted for wood consumption, but that needn’t be the case.

At Wootique, we strongly advocate selective harvesting and using wood from trees that fall naturally or are felled once they have aged. In doing this, we meet commercial needs while not depleting our natural resources and maintaining forest health too.

Wood is extremely resistant, resilient, and requires little to no maintenance. Unlike wood laminates or other engineered wood, real wood lasts a lifetime, especially hardwood that is extremely sturdy. All we need to do from time to time is treat it with a little bit of polish, UV resistant coating, and some care, to keep it in great condition for years to come. At Wootique, all our products are duly treated with polish that suits the product based on its indoor or outdoor usage, so that it serves you well for a lifetime.

While most other industries pollute the environment with their carbon emissions, trees negate this by absorbing the carbon throughout their lives, allowing the trunks to grow strong. After, when the tree is transformed into wooden furniture, the carbon continues to stay stored within, ensuring that there is no harmful emission. This controls both, climate change, as well as the greenhouse effect.

One of the most sustainable materials to work with, the wood industry with all its cutting-edge technology and modern ways of making, produces no waste. Moreover, almost every by-product of wood can be reused, which is something we try to ensure too at Wootique, with our zero-waste policy.

The point we are trying to make is that wood is a resource that simply keeps giving, which is why we at Wootique promise to give our best to wood too.

Using only the finest wood, curated and crafted in the best way possible, our furniture is designed to make you fall in love with the one affordable luxury you can never have enough of – wood!

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