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Live Edge Table | Every furniture piece has a deep-rooted meaning and a purpose behind making and exhibiting it in your humble abode. The purpose for Wootique to create exclusively live edge wooden tables is to promote more versatility and not just create ordinary pieces out of wood. Our prime material is wood and that in itself has abundant possibility to make a single piece into a stunning piece of art. That is exactly where our concept of Live Edge Table comes into the picture.

Live Edge Tables are often associated with pulling out the raw and natural look in your furniture which makes your piece stand apart from the regular wooden furniture.

If you are an admirer of organic and unfiltered look then Live edge tables are a perfect fit for you. They are completely natural-looking raw edges of wood which becomes the prime eye-catching factor of the table. Inclining the space more towards the natural feel.

From coffee tables, dining tables, nesting tables, Wootique can 100% customize Live edge tables with premium quality of wood and talented craftsman. Our brand excels in creating impressive and stunning customized wooden pieces which surely add up the opulence to your residential or commercial space.

Why Live Edge Table?

Live Edge tables can run a long way when taken care of in the correct way. Avoid keeping the furniture under direct sunlight and no direct contact with water. Dust off your wooden furniture with a dry cloth and you’re good to go.

Wood is the most environmentally friendly raw material. Being replenishable and renewable opting for wooden furniture is a great step taken by you to reduce your carbon footprint. Hence choosing wooden furniture makes a greener choice for you and gives a completely natural look to your space.

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