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When it comes to furniture, every customer deserves a product as unique as their imagination


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When it comes to furniture, every customer deserves a product as unique as their imagination and creativity. For us here at Wootique, this statement is like a commandment set in wood (and not stone!).

We tailor-make furniture, customized to your desires, ensuring you have an
edge over others. Whether it’s hand carved vintage, solid contemporary, or oversized rustic furniture, we do it all. Creating rare masterpieces are our forte – they add that extra elegance and charm to your space because they look oh-so-pine.


Customization easy on the eye, and your wallet, too.

We’re out to break down the barriers to enjoying modern design – location, time, and cost. Our catalog reaches out as far as your mind can wander – tables, chairs, outdoor and indoor arrangements, to anything you can envision. As long as you have an idea, we can create a look that will leave you stumped in amazement. While doing all of this, we stay within budget, but always exceed expectations.
In accordance with the fundamental design principle – form follows function – our user-friendly interface helps you find the look you need in the time you have. (Our fast and reliable shipping program delivers to your doorstep.)

Why Us

Broadening Creative Horizons

Broadening creative horizons

We also enable you to branch out your inspiration in all directions by offering a plethora of design ideas through our ever-expanding catalog. Design enthusiasts can swear by us, whether they’re creating a new space or refreshing an old one.

You Imagine It, We Make It Happen!

You imagine it, we make it happen!

At Wootique, we aim to make great design more accessible, while also being affordable. Your space is an extension of your own personality, and we believe that you should fill it up with something that uniquely defines you. Not something generic, but something that tells your story. Something that is a perfect fit.

What Makes Our Designs Stand Out

What makes our designs stand out

Each personality is so individualistic, and so should the furniture you crave! We’re borderline pedantic about exclusivity. And we intend to stay that way. When you order a customized piece, be rest assured that yours is the rarest of the rare – it’s one of a kind. Keeping inventory is so passé, anyway!

Furniture? More Like Funiture!

Furniture? More like FUNiture!

We are closely associated with architects and interior designers pan India, so it’s safe to say that we’re experts at customizing furniture for domestic as well as international projects.

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