Merbau (Intsia Biujga) has very obvious wood variation from heartwood to sapwood, with the dark brown colour of heartwood to light golden colour of its sapwood. The texture is rather coarse, and the grain is straight to interlocked or wavy. It has a unique smell when being sawn or sanded. Merbau is reported to be very durable and resists both rotting and insect attack. It is said to be the best wood for exterior and outdoor purposes. It is supposed to be better in all manner than most teak as well.


  • Exceptionally strong hardwood
  • Rot and termite-resistant
  • Excellent Stability
  • Durable


  • Flooring
  • Outdoor cladding, gazebo, etc.
  • Furniture
  • Musical instruments
  • Indoors and outdoors flooring
  • Ship Building
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